5 Handy Tricks to Get Rid of Fruit Flies at Home


When you are bringing home some fresh fruits and vegetables another thing is also heading to your house at the same time ‘the nasty fruit flies’. These impromptu guests are not welcomed at all as they are nothing but a nuisance for your home sweet home especially for the kitchen spaces. They are not harmful to use directly but they ferment the fruits and thus making them rotten very soon. The dreadful fact which makes us want to get rid of these tiny pesky critters is that they are damn fast in breeding and get multiple in numbers within a week. So before they turn into a giant army of it would be better to get rid of fruit flies from your home and make your yummy fruits and home safe. So check out how to get rid of fruit flies with a homemade fruit fly traps and methods to clean your beautiful home.

Places Where Fruit Flies Love To Live:

Not only in the kitchen enjoying their stay in the ripened fruits, these fruit flies find a comfortable housing in other places too like the drains, gardens, compost bins, mops etc. in short wherever is a little moist in your house there are larger chances of fermentation of the fruit flies.

 Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Immense Fast Reproduction of Fruit Flies:

If you are ignoring the fruit flies at your house for being less in number then you should start worrying now because they have the ability to multiply their number in a short span of time. A mother fruit fly can lay 200 to 500 eggs which can hatch within a time of eight to ten days. So from just ten they can be in hundreds especially when you are out of the house for holidays.

Say thanks to Beginner Mag as we are here to rescue your house from the unpleasant fruit flies and that too using the easy DIY with basic home supplies. You might be thinking of using a fruit fly net for the purpose but let me remind you they are too much expensive costing a bunch of dollars. So here we suggest you cheap and effective tricks to get your house fully free from these ugly flying creatures.

1: Deadly Mixture of Apple Cedar Vinegar and Dish Soap

Take an empty baby food jar or a mason jar and fill it about less than half with apple cedar vinegar which would attract the fruit flies. Drop a few drops of dish soap to the vinegar as it would cause a tension to the surface of the liquid and thus make the fruit flies impossible to com out. Cover the jar with the lid or with a plastic wrap paper with poked holes using a toothpick making entrance spots for the fruit flies.

2: Red Wine Trick

The above vinegar and dish soap method is really effective and just replacing the bait you can make it work more strong. And the thing you can use instead of vinegar is your favorite red wine which would attract the fruit flies with its sweet smell and taste. You can also use an empty bottle instead of a jar but in that case you don’t have to cover it up as the narrow opening of the bottle would not let the fruit flies make an easy escape.

3: Compost Bowl Trap

We know it is going to sound really nasty but yes you can get amazing results with the compost as the invitation for the fruit flies made from the rotten fruit pieces and peels. Take this compost material in a bowl and cover it with a plastic wrap paper with some punched holes in it. They would climb though the holes but would not get any way out than just dying there.

4: The Inverted Cone

This fruit fly trick is the simplest and the easiest one to do in no time. Just take a piece of paper and make a cone out of it. Put this cone in an empty bottle with the thinner part inside which would prove to be a narrow passage for the fruit flies for exit. Some piece of fruits like that of banana can be used as an irresistible attraction to get the fruit flies in the bottle and never go back.

5: Lemongrass Spray

Mixing some hot water and a few drops of lemon grass you can make a pleasant fragrant giving spray in an empty spray bottle to keep the fruit flies far away from your house. Spray it directly on the flies when you see them or spray in on their entrance spots leaving a nice smell in all over the house.

We hope these ideas would help you bundles in your battle to cope with the fruit flies so do share your views if you try them at your house to tell us to which extent they were effective and useful to you.

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