DIY Sixteen Seater Pallet Dining Table

It is very difficult to handle a large family of sixteen people, and to gather them at the dining table is like to tie the bell to cat. Just put your worries aside and have a look at this DIY pallet sixteen seater dining table which is all ready to surprise you and your giant family. Masterly crafted dining table is outcome of recycled pallet wood, designed in an inventive and creative way.

This huge size dining table has sixteen comfy chairs with a stunning table in the center. Your family will not only love to dine in it but they will stay there a little longer to share some stories also. The table has painted in copper shade to create a rustic atmosphere in your dining area. So don’t think too much just hurry to have your own sixteen seater dining tale to enjoy food in style and comfort.

Recycled pallet dining table
This dining table for sixteen people is highly functional and tremendously adorable to fill up the blank space in your dining room.Being made out of pallets its very budget friendly and easy to make also.
Reclaimed pallet dining table
This 16 seater pallet dining table is steadily composed from the reusable pallets near you. Its best features are its stylish and cozy chairs with a plain table in the center to feed your family in a great way. Its paint coating gives it a ravishing look to create rusticity.

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