Antique Wooden Pallet Candle Shelf

Mid-century modern styles of decors are going through modern trends and if you are also willing to add some rustic decors that will blend in beautifully to your modern interior environments then this DIY pallet candle wall shelf would be the right choice in our opinion! It is something that connects us again to candles which has a beautiful and historical past and are still popular! Rustic charm of wood is definitely going to give a glam rustic touch to your any modern wall!

Here this beautiful antique candle shelf has been made of pallet slats which can be got in hands easy by taking a pallet board in pieces! With lighted candles, the shelf would itself hang like a delicious wall art for sure! So grab the pallets if you are seeing them lying around your home and simply clone this candle shelf for a vintage touch to your modern and cozy environments!

recycled pallet candle shelf

This pallet project is also to do with single pallet lengths, which have been held together here for a fancy wall shelf that can hold your items to display!

beautiful wooden pallet candle shelf

But here this shelf has been gained to hold the candles, so will make a perfect art piece to give your walls a fantastic traditional touch!

no-cost wooden pallet candle shelf

Here rusticity of pallets would also rock, to magnify the rustic look of candle shelf, here wall installation of it should be done with recommended hardware!

beautiful wooden pallet candle shelf

You can paint this shelf and can apply custom stain coats to vary the tone of wood to any delicious one you like!

no-cost wooden pallet candle shelf

Here is the captured preview of this candle shelf at night, looks stunning and soft lights from candles looks amazing in the darkness!

Images Credit & Made by: Thepoultrypeople

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