Recycled Pallet Stackable Stools

Stools are found in every house as an extra sitting option to be used. They are mostly used when you confront the impromptu visit of guests and they really facilitate in you kitchen area with islands helping you in kitchen chores. So if you don’t have these comforting and free sitting items in your home, then get some pallets and make these DIY pallet stack-able stools for free. Grab some pallet wood around you, which is so flexible and friendly in nature that can be customized to any size and any shape of your desire. If the pallets you found are dirty and muddy, wash and clean them well before you start a project.

The stool you see in the pictures are built at a bar height level for a comfortable seat anywhere, the big ones are for the elders and small and cute ones for the kids. You can use them to have breakfast at island, or to watch TV or to do any handy project in the garden. Kids can also make them act like a assistant in their homework, painting and TV watching activities. When not in use they can be stacked upon each other for their slim and sleek design.

Recycled pallet stool
This stool is a perfect and useful possession for those who are in dire need of some extra sitting plans than the chairs and couches to perform their tasks easily and with comfort.
Reclaimed pallet stools
You can build tables of your desired size and lengths, big for the adults and small for the kids. The bar height has been built to facilitate you to seat with islands and other tables.
Regained pallet stool
The stools comes with many cherished qualities and features to allure you with their rustic beauty, like a compatible height, long legs and footrests.After the complete composition they have been undergone the sanding session to avoid splinters.
Reshaped pallet stools
The tables would add much to your home decor and embellishing with thier naturla colors and tones. and can be stacked over each other when you are not using them. You can stain them to bring more style in their look.

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