Pallet Creation – Wooden Peacock Art or Hen Garden Sculpture

Everybody tries his best to make his green space look unique and eye-captivating! The unique look of any space depends on the decors you are using and we think this DIY pallet peacock art or hen sculpture art would be a highly unique piece of decor to get your garden look outlandish! Here once again the wooden creativity is here to amaze your senses! Such creative pallet ideas are always rare and you can be very first to copy it before your friend do the same!

Here three wooden circles having gradually decreasing sizes, built the body of this garden bird and then a set of pallet planks have been mounted to backside as a faux opened peacock tail! 2 Shorter wooden pieces build the legs while some small wooden lengths have been turned into the amazing fee using carving router, sharp wood knives or cutter can also be used instead!

Finally, the whole wooden sculpture has been finished by adding a face including the neck which is also made of single pallet slat!

pallet art creation

Here is one more amazing pallet creations, an eccentric garden decor gained in shape of this peacock wooden sculpture, all done with pallet pieces!

recycled pallet garden bird art or creation

Has been given flat feet so can stand as an individual garden centerpiece anywhere in your garden, vary the final paint colors to personalize your model!

Made by: C&M Pallet Creations

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