DIY Pallet Bed with Headboard and Nightstands

If we ask people to make a list of their most desired furnishing items, beds would get the first and top position in that list. A comfortable bed is a desire of every homey person to have cozy hours of sleep after tiring hard work of the whole day. But beds have become more than just a relaxer or comforter; they are now counted more for the bedroom decor and designing. That is why we witness a variety of beds with many distinguished yet functional features. Those who think that markets bought beds are not affordable for them just peek into this magnificent DIY pallet bed with attached headboard and night stands.

This giant king size bed has been accomplished with its individualistic and luxurious features to make it a stand out piece for your bedroom. The bed has been constructed on a pallet bed frame structure with a pile up of pallet slats in apple pie order. A large pallet headboard has been turned into a glorious painted headboard at the back for a splendid aspect to your bedroom. The attached night stands come with drawers allowing you to hold a multiple items on and n them. In short the bed has been endowed with all the ravishing, smart and exquisite features a person can ever long for.

Recycled pallet bed
A cozy and beautiful bed is always in the wishlist of every homey person and with pallets you get a chance to realize your dreams before you like this pallet bed.
Reclaimed king size pallet bed
The bed has been built over pallet base frame or platform with a arranged stacking of pallet slats with each other. It would really jazz up the decor of your bedroom with its rustic appeal.
Reclaimed pallet headboard
The headboard attached at the back of the bed is also of giant size which has been painted with a night illusion on the top with some star studded sky and a couple romancing in the middle.
up-cycled king size pallet bed
Discussing more its functional features we come to the attached night stand at both sides which would allow you to hold a lot of items on them like books, hones and clocks etc.
hand-built king size pallet bed
Both the attached night stands come with drawers providing you extra storage space for the hiding of your some private and fragile knick knacks with safety. They also have painted for an interesting look.
Repurposed king size pallet bed
This king size bed would suit and fit to any decor with its dominant presence but the traditional decor would accept it with open arms for its natural and woody look.

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