100 DIY Vases or Centerpiece – Unique Ways to DIY Your Vases


A well embellished, styled and decorated house is the dream of every homey person. A gorgeously designed and ornamented house gives instant happy vibes to you and to every commoners. And there is a big list of the decorous things and embellishing items which contribute much of their parts to make our house look an exquisite piece of land and vases are one of them. Lovely vases holding beautiful flowers in them are the cutest things adding much beauty to almost every homey section. Shelves, mantles and tables are undone with their beauty and decor if they are not awarded with a classy piece of vase on them.

So to let you cherish the most unique and most trendy type of DIY vases we have these 100 DIY vases or centerpiece that you can make yourself at home and save much of your cost on the expensive market bought vases.This giant size collection of the vase ideas would suggest you a bundle of smart tricks that you can use to restyle your old vases or you can craft vases yourself from the feasibly available supplies.

On every formal or informal event we make decoration arrangements and vases are an integral part of this task be it a festive dinner, a baby shower party or even a small catch up of friends.Especially in the spring season the lovely fresh flowers are great to bring some natural vibes in your home sweet home.Take out all those vases that are resting in your cabinets as with the help of these 100 DIY vases you can lend them a whole new look to get them matched with your lavish home style.there are immense items present in your house to act as vases like old mason jars, beverage bottles, any food container or cracked crockery items like glasses, bowls and saucers.

The first clever way to renew your dull vases is painting them in gorgeous hues, adjusting them to the color scheme of your interior style. Spray paint with glitter or dip paint are more convenient ways to get your vases painted than using a brush paint method.Secondly you can wrap or cover them with various fun items and make them look hugely innovative and one of a kind. Wooden pieces, chunks and twigs and on the other hand twine, ropes, burlap are superb easy and cheap things to use for the wrap up seasons.

DIY Vases

Last but not the least you can make completely new and personalized vases from papers, bricks, plastic scrap, tape, old CDs and DVDs etc. just get along with each idea and click on the links below to get tutorials guidance and get your hands dirty with the favorite vase plans.

More DIY Projects to decorate your home at No Cost:

Upcycled Painted Spring Vase:

DIY Painting Vases

Update your long forgotten vases to use them again in home for modern decor statements! Go with some waterproof paint like the fabric paint and make some artful textures on your vases, this will change them from ordinary to extraordinary like done in this case! This DIY vase makeover will all depend on your painting skills! Complete details and picture tutorial here craftionary

Self Crafted Textured Clay diy Vases:

beautiful textured clay vases

The old glass jars in home can be the cheap alternatives to very expensive modern vases but it demands for a little creative effort! Just see this amusing glass jar makeover that changes it into a glam modern vase! What you need to do is to make a texture with puffy paint, then to paint the texture and jar and final step would be to use a spray sealant! Step by step instructions here greenweddingshoes

Old Juice Jug into Ombre Flower Vase:

DIY painted old jug into vase

Grab an old juice jug from home and just turn it into a very charming ombre flower vase! For ombre appeal, choose your favorite paint color and paint the stripes all around the jug! After one solid dark stripe, start each stripe with a little mix of white paint for a gradual fading in color! Complete details and instructions are here cremedelacraft

Easy yet Beautiful Polka Dot Vase:

DIY perfume bottle polka dot vase,

Rummage around and grab some empty jars or perfume bottles! Now wrap the masking tape with punched tiny holes in it, on your selected jar or perfume bottle! Paint and remove the tape for clean polka dots over the surface! For inside painting, just pour your favorite color inside and cover all the sides by flipping, rotating and shaking the bottle! Complete guide and DIY tutorial here ruffledblog

Craft Paint Swirl Vases:

how to paint glass vases

Visit the home trash store and get some glass vessels! Clean the vessels and then put some drops of craft paint in them and swirl it around the vessel! Cover the whole inside and get amazing vases for home decors! Complete how-to details and picture tutorial here centsationalgirl

Half Lilliputian Dipped Vases:

DIY paint dipped glass vases

Dip the dollar store glass jars half in acrylic paint and make your own beautiful modern vases! Pretty simple and easy DIY vase idea! Choose the acrylic paint in any color you like! Complete details here weddingbells

Spray Painted Dollar Store Glass Vases:

DIY spray painted glass vases

Spray paint the dollar store glass jars and turn them into bizarre vases or votive! Cover some parts of the the jars with masking tape before you paint, this will give beautiful stripes and textures and hence more charming appeal of your vases! Complete details and DIY tutorial here mythirdtruelove

Praise-Worthy Acorn Vase:

beautiful DIY acorn vase

Stick some acorns on a plastic garden pot by using the hot glue and get a super charming acorn vase or planter for home or garden decor! Full DIY guide and details here creativeinchicago

DIY Flower Vase/Dining Table Centerpiece:

DIY flower vase

Get a wide round bowl and cover its mouth with lattice lines of tape! In this way, you will get perfect tiny squares that you will have to fill with your favorite flowers! After filling your favorite flower dense, you will get a charming centerpiece for you dining table or for anywhere home decors! Complete instructions and picture tutorial here craftionary

Rustic yet Beautiful Twig Candle Holder or Vase:

DIY twig vase

Cover the whole outside of a glass jar with tree branches cut to size and gain a beautiful rustic vase or votive for home decor! Pretty simple but great DIY vase project! Further details here craftionary

Wood Log Slices Vase:DIY wood slice vase

Take leftover wood log lengths into slices and just cover your garden terracotta pots or indoor vases with them for a wooden avatar! This is here another mind-blowing DIY vase project you can try at home! You can also use the tin cans and plastic pots! Further details and guide here motherearthliving

Yarn Wrapped Old Bottle Vase:

DIY yarn wrapped old bottle vase

Add a layer of glue first and then wrap the yarn or twine around some old glass bottles! This make you get an outstanding vase that would be damn good for a home centerpiece! Complete guide and details here designsbyvanessa

Recycled Sweater and Glass Bottle Cozy Vase:DIY old sweater and glass bottle vase

Cut a sleeve from your old sweater and just sew it to fit best to an old glass bottle! Now push the glass bottle in it and get a cozy vase for home decor! Complete DIY instructions and picture tutorial here thegirlbythesea

Self-Made Stone Vase:DIY stone vase

Like the stone vases? Make your own special ones at home without any investment! Get a pringles container and start adding glue all around it, not add the stones or rocks! Let the glue dried and stones cling well, then add the grout layer to fill up leftover spaces solid! Add a layer of mod podge to finally finished vase for shine and extra grace! Step by step instructions here fabyoubliss

Recycled Jars Lace Votive and Vases:

DIY reclaimed jar votive or vases

Put laces around the reclaimed old glass jars and start using them as home centerpieces like shown here! Complete guide and instructions for these lace votive or vases is here designdininganddiapers

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