Banana Tea for Deep Sleep – Better than Sleeping Pills


Six to eight hours sleep is necessary for a human body to perform its functions better. Any kind of disturbance to sleep can cause many health issues and thus putting your health in a danger zone. Majority of the people is suffering from the deprivation of sleep  which cannot be ignore  as it can lead to some serious health issues listed below.

  • Obesity
  • Cancer
  • Memory Loss
  • Poor Concentration
  • Depression and Anxiety

Factors behind Poor Sleep Or No Sleep:

No doubt the technology has benefited our lives a lot but they are causing some side effects too. One of the things to get disturbed from the technological products is the sleep. Spending hours on phones, laptops and the t.v at night are the main factors causing the poor quality of the sleep .The electromagnetic frequencies coming out of these gadgets give our mind the signals of daylight and thus keep us awake. Many people fall a prey to insomnia due to the anxiety, tension and stress prevailing their lives and they are lost in the chain of thoughts keeping themselves awake till late at night.

Banana Tea for Deep Sleep

Say No to Sleeping Pills:

People suffering from the lack of sleep, start taking sleeping pills finding it an easy solution. But let me tell you the pills work for a short term with a bunch of side effects. So you better look for a healthy and effective solution that you can carry for a long time with no side effects but only benefits. So we suggest you to say no to sleeping pills and get a healthy and effective replacement to it like banana tea.

Benefits of Banana Tea for Deep Sleep:

You can find banana tea really useful to cure your insomnia or to improve the quality of the sleep. And if you are wandering what makes this common fruit so helpful for sleeping good then let us answer this. A banana contains a big quantity of potassium and magnesium and these are the minerals our body needs to get the muscles relaxed. Banana peel carries more of these natural minerals than the banana itself.  So sipping on a cup of banana tea before going to bed can really make you enjoy a deep sleep.

How to Make Banana Tea:

To make banana tea is damn easy so get the required few ingredients and the follow the simple recipe below.

  • One raw, organic banana
  • A small pot of water
  • Sprinkle of Cinnamon (Optional)


  • First of all cut the ends of the banana and put them aside
  • Boil the water and put the banana in it.
  • Boil it for almost ten minutes.
  • Pour the water into mug using a colander.
  • Sprinkle some cinnamon powder for taste.

Take this banana tea one hour before the bedtime and fall sleep easily and thus living a healthier and happy life with utter relaxing feel. If you don’t want to waste the boiled banana (with skin) you can eat it in the next morning with the flavor of cinnamon on it doing more good to your mind and body.

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