50+ DIY Graduation Party Ideas & Decorations


It takes great time, hard-work and tons of smart efforts to get the graduation degree! By becoming a graduate one just raises its knowledge and life based experiences to next level! It is truly a great bliss for everyone to receive the graduation degree in his/her hand finally after completing the 14 years of education! It is in trends now that the family organizes the special congratulatory parties to double up the happiness of those newly became graduates or just for a super warm welcome of them!

Choosing a particular graduation party theme and decors is the very thing to think about to make the party celebrations unforgettable! To assist you in this matter of great happiness, we have brought these 50+ DIY graduation party ideas for decorations and theme that will summarize all the popular modern, vintage and retro graduation party themes and decors! Moreover, these ideas will also throw a great light that how you can create cheaply your own beautiful dessert tables, party buffet tables and how you can decorate the party foods and apparatus to tell a little about the graduation party!

A bundle of insanely smart ideas about to how to raise your party fun to peak, have also been included in the list! For example, you can add special photo booths to your party with special fun-making props, you can also include some fun games to keep busy your guest, friends and family members in enjoying the party!

There also come a great list of DIY decor ideas in this collection that will make your learn that how you can turn ordinary home materials to special party-ware or party centerpieces to keep the party going on a budget-friendly plan! Like you can build your own special party beverage station by using some metal pipes and buckets, you can repurpose the glassy jars from home to make special party drinks, memory jars and lots of other enjoyable things, checkout some amazing samples below!

Some delicious party food recipes have also been included in the list to make you easily cook the delicious party food at home with amazing details of graduation party theme, soft pretzel graduation hat, grad hat topped butter cakes and cocoa krispies treat graduation hat are a beautiful example in this case!

DIY Graduation Party Ideas

The ideas will also speak volumes that how to make special party decors! Recycle your old denim jeans and turn then in to special party decors! Design your own beautiful printable toppers at home and also make your own eye-popping confetti balloons to fancy up the party environment. Use a bundle of tissue folds and put them together to write custom name letters for party centerpieces. And also design your mind-blowing advice trees by using some printed cardboard pieces, old tree branches and some old home glass jar. Learn also amazing DIY ways here to make amazing photo collages, photo portrait and commemorative wreaths for your graduation party!

A short round up is must to see how smart and clever these DIY graduation party ideas are! So, just go for it!!

Bright Future Graduation Party Decor Theme:

beautiful bright future graduation party theme

The joy knows no bounds when you are finally a graduate and this calls for a quick celebration with family and friends.Make your celebration quite special on your special day with this fun idea of decor and food arrangement. Get all the derails right here frogprincepaperie

Graduation Party Key-to-Success Theme:

unique graduation party key to success decor theme

Give a fun adieu to your graduation and student life with a rocking spring party with your beloved ones. This key themed party with white and gold colors used for the cutlery, center pieces and much more would surely add a lot to make your special day worth remembering. Grab all the details here celebrationsathomeblog

Graduation Party Decors and Theme Idea:

unique graduation party decor theme

If you are looking for a unique and absolute fun theme for your graduation celebration then have a look at this rocking Pirate theme party with you and your friends dressed up as pirates, a cute little ship around and the rest of the decor co-ordinates to the theme as well. To know details just click on this link and enjoy pictorial guidance yourhomebasedmom!

Daisy Graduation Party Decors and Theme:

perfect daisy graduation party decor theme

For girl’s graduation party i think nothing can be more fun, gorgeous and classy than this Daisy theme party with gentle white, yellow and green colored shaded to all the party items from decor to cake and desserts. To know more of this soft and subtle chic party you need to browse this link for every single detail and help ohmy-creative!

Soccer Graduation Party Decor Theme:

cheap yet beautiful soccer graduaton party decor theme

As the above Daisy theme is for girls boys can adapt this fun Football theme party to to enjoy before entering to the practical life. From the table decor, banners, dessert tops, and tags all have been planned and made in accordance to theme to let you all drool over it. catch the whole tutorial right here catchmyparty!

Cookie Party Theme and Decors:

cookies graduation party theme

How about saying good bye to your high school in a sweet and sugary way with this Cookie theme party. You would need lots of yummy cookies that you can bake at home if you have baking talent to serve with milk. For decor, table setting and more details you can approach this link for a complete overview of this cookie theme party love-the-day!

Open House Graduation Party Theme:

open house graduation party theme

Your eyes would pop out with amazement after watching this wonderful graduation party theme. Mouth watering menu, breath taking decor and table setting, scrumptious desserts, eye catching colors in short each and everything in this is just ingeniously created and crafted so if you want to get this style of graduation party get the complete information, detail and ideas right here partypinching!

Black & White Polka Dot Graduation Party Theme:

precious black and white polka dot graduation party theme

what can be the best idea to praise the hard work of the graduate of your family than surprising him or her with a fun bash graduation party. Try this Black and White theme for decor, party menu and even for the small details like napkins, beverage printers, toppings and let every body in the party appreciate your crafting and creative skills. want to need more details of it? just browse it thecelebrationshoppe!

Western Themed Graduation Party Decor:

beautiful western themed graduation party decor theme

Not only the yummy food but let your graduation party guests also feast their eyes with the decor of the party too with this simple and shabby chic styled western themed party idea. This theme shows how you can make even the toppings, tags, menu signs and even the handouts so special and worth remembering. Get all the fun details with this link love-the-day!

Pretty Vintage Graduation Decor Party Theme:

pretty vintage graduation party decor theme

Vintage theme has always been favorite of all of us for all types of parties so it would do great for a graduation party and a sample of decor, presentation and embellishment has been shown you above with white as the dominating color in all the features. so hurry to get all the particulars by just clicking on this link catchmyparty

White and Blue Graduation Party Theme:

yellow and blue graduation party theme

I do not know i got minions in my mind when had the first look over this zealous graduation theme party. And let me tell you the vibrant colors shades, adorable toppings and stirrers, banners, wrap up ribbons all make this party decor no less cuter than the minions.Explore more of this fun party decor and theme right here crissyscrafts!

Glam Graduation Party Theme:

glam graduation party decor theme

Pink color gives us quick hint that its for Girls.Yes This pink and gold theme party has been styled and designed for the girls who have successfully got their graduation degree. From decor, cake, cup cakes, frames and signs every things looks superb in pink and gold glitter.And not only for graduation celebration this exquisite color theme can be hacked for any event in your family like a baby shower.All the details are present here peartreegreetings!

Chalkboard Cheers Graduation Party Theme:

chalkboard cheers graduation party theme

Easily available things like chalk boards and bulbs have been used to organize this superb black and white theme party for the fresh graduate of your house or family. The passing year signs, napkins, cup cakes all look just outstanding getting in accordance with this chic theme having all particular features in this link bigdotofhappiness!

Ole Miss Themed Graduation Party:

Ole miss themed graduation party theme

Anyone attending this fun graduation party can not resist himself to utter the word WOW after watching so gorgeous and colorfully excited decor and table setting. To adopt this theme and design of the party you have to do some shopping to buy those lovely miss ole printables and the rest of the information is right here so click and enjoy greygreydesigns!

Damask Spring Color Graduation Party Theme:damask spring color graduation party theme

Want to how would it look if you combine the black and white and the spring color theme together? the answer lies in above pictures showing fabulous decor and theme for your grad and his/her friends. From the paper lanterns and the utterly cute grad boxes this theme is just is out standing and would be fun to do.To get some extra details and features of this theme just browse this link greygreydesigns!

Chic Navy and Yellow Graduation Party Theme:

chic navy and yellow graduation party theme

A simple chevron pattern can the the lovely theme of your party for the decor and set up and the proof lies in above pictures. From beverage tags, straws, menu cards to cakes and cup cake toppings everything looks super awesome with the chevron pattern on it in lovely yellow and navy colors. The detailed view of this chevron theme party is available here on hwtm so do browse if you want to go handy with this fun theme.

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