Wood Pallet Hexagon Dining Table

Round, rectangular and square shape tables have become the part of the past. Today’s new age demands unique and innovative approach towards every thing, so is the case with dining tables. Give a new dimension to your dining area with this majestic product of DIY that will escalate the modish tone of this area. This is an altogether a new item in the pallet market, presenting you DIY pallet hexagon dining table with six sharp and pointed edges. Large pallet planks have participated in this experimental recycling of the pallets to get this unique in shape and upgraded functionality full dining table.

The top of the table is large enough to incorporate all the eatables and crockery stuff at the times of daily meal. The legs of the table have been raised from the thick barks of the pallet for leveling position of the table. To make you cope more with the recent trends, it has been varnished in a clear gloss to make the table luster and shinier.

Recycle pallet hexagon dining table
The is nothing but a revolutionary product in the world of pallet furniture with its impact full features and composition. It has been got from the recycle treatment of the pallet planks, stacked together with the hardware for decades!
Handmade pallet hexagon dining table
The table has the majestic hexagon shape with pointed edges and nooks. It is resting on thick four legs which has also been acclaimed from the pallets. It has been stained in a shiny gloss to provide a luster full and dazzling way of dining.

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