Vintage Wood Pallet Side Table

This small and cute side table of DIY is a stunning addition to your living space, making it functional and attractive at the same time. This DIY wood pallet side table is achieved from the recycling process of pallet wood in a very genius way. This square shape side table is a versatile and unique output of pallet wood giving you extra space for storage. Its distinctive features include its shiner top, a big cabinet to house your necessary things with curved metal handles, and a solid foundation. It will give both modern and traditional look alike to your living area.

It can be coordinated with different products like lamps, jars, and vases to accomplish its contemporary appearance. It can be placed either at the side of your sofa in the living room and at the side of your bed. It can be colored in dark shades for a more enchanting sight. So let your fingers pour magic on pallet wood to get your very own pallet side table.

Reclaimed pallet side table
Pallet side tables are easily in your approach being so easy to handle and budget-friendly at the same time. Moreover, they are quite attractive to look at. If you make your own sand them well for a smooth touch.
recycled pallet side table
Side tables are really in these days for the furnishing of the living room. This pallet side table wholly built out of pallets, in a unique and genius way for an accomplishing look of your interior decor.

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