Reclaimed Pallet Bed Side Table

At night you need many things near you while sleeping, bed side tables serve to accompany all those things very successfully. Bed side tables are usually small in size but they are highly functional. After presenting you a large range of wardrobes, dining tables and diy coffee table is here with a stylish bed side table. This pallet bedside table has been handcrafted from thrown away pallet wood in a recycle process. The table contains a plain top, a small drawer and a cabinet to house all the needy things at night like lamps, alarm clocks, water jug, cell phones etc.

Besides performing the practical duty of storage they also please your aesthetic sense with their charming style. You can keep it unfinished to enjoy its rustic attraction or you can paint it to match the color of your bedroom decor. So what are you waiting for, assemble the useless pallet wood near you and make a beautiful bed side table quickly.

Recycled pallet bed side table
This bed side table is gained by working on pallet wood, having a small drawer and a big cabinet to keep up your necessary stuff.The table is very durable and cost free. It can be varnished to remove the wooden crumbles making its surface soft and smooth.
Regained pallet bed side table
This pallet bedside table is looking adorable with its cute square shape. The is functional too as it can carry many things like lamps, cell phones or chargers at night for easy approach.

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