Pallet Table for Kids

Pallet has inspired people a lot with its flexible and easy to get mold nature as they are enjoying every desired wooden pieces of pallet furniture with this wonder wood pallet. It’s the result of pallet popularity that there is people are now more interested and curious about the innovative ideas and projects they can gain from the pallets. And we are trying our level best to come up their expectations with inventive and creative pallet plans every week. Our today’s post is dedicated to all the cute and small l kids out there, who are always busy in doing fun activities all around the house.

So artistic fathers and skillful mother be attentive and have a look at this DIY pallet wood table, a pure effort to boost up the playful activities of the kids like eating, painting, drawing and block building. Here in the following you have been provided with a visual tutorial of this gorgeous table so that you hack it easily at home to delight your young ones. Pallet wood is study, durable and Eco friendly to be raised with confidence that it would serve the kids safely so be tension free to use it for any purpose as this pallet table has been crafted.

Material and Tool Supplies that Would be Needed to Build:

diy pallet slats
If you have collected the pallet wood from a nearby resource, then make sure its safe to use. If you have fear some unhygienic elements in the pallets, power wash them for a full clean and safe to use possession. Then dismantle the pallets and saw some slats from the skids to form the initial structure of the table.
Reclaimed pallet table top
Cut these slats into more shorter lengths, according to the size and weight of your kid, to form the customized structure of the table top.stack the chopped pieces with each other and observe how much width and length you would be requiring to form a sufficient table top.
Upc-ycled pallet slats
Here in the picture you see that, pallet slat has been glued together, to form a symmetrical table top without any imbalanced and weak construction.An iron wood tightener has been inserted to this composition to yoke the pieces firmly and strongly together, so that they can not easily get split up. Wait till the glue gets completely dry.
pallet square shape table top
After the glue has dried, you would need to cut the table into a more precise square shape with any available saw, for a perfect and apt possession.The table top reveals many natural marks and tints which are the result of pallet aging effects.
Reshaped pallet table top
The next step is to cover the table top with a wooden boundary so that it nooks get safe and kids do not get themselves harmed while playing. For the building of boundary, cut some thick beams of customized length and screw them on the four sides for a leveling.Again apply the tightener for a more compact and sturdy formation.
pallet table top
Now as the table top is ready, its time for the making of support system of the table which are four durable and sturdy legs. For this Purpose you need to saw some thick in fiber pallet beams from the pallet planks as you see in the picture lying down on the floor.
rustic pallet table top
before inserting the legs under the table top, make sure that the table top is free from any imperfection and is properly ready to be placed over the leggy support system as once it got completed you would get a chance to correct the construction mistakes.
recycled pallet kids table
Pallet leggy beams, should be cut into the customize length which you want for your kid. For this do consider the height and weight of your little angles. Fix the legs and you are ready with to delight your kid with a gorgeous table for many fun activities.
accent kids pallet table
When you have accomplished the table, sand it well with the sanding powder to make the table splinter free and smooth to touch so that the delicate skin of the kids do not get harmed. Apply some striking and vibrant shades of paint on the table a the kids get attracted very soon to the bright and colorful items.

Submitted By: Alexandr Mendelak

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