Pallet Coffee Table With Planter Box Inlay

Sometime we want custom furniture items with most unique features just to fulfill the targeted requirements of space or of us! Such a special furniture designs are mostly made upon request as we can get the same so easily from market! This DIY pallet coffee table with planter box inlay is exactly one of those rare furniture items we are just talking about! Table design is much more than a utility type of table as mid side box inlay can make it capable to play different functional roles at one time!

You can add potting soil in the box to get a pallet planter out of it, can add ice cubes in to get your beverage cold while being seated around the table and one can also use the box as a fir pit if made water proof inside! This brilliant type of table just costs you nothing and is as stable and sturdy as in your imaginations! Entire construction work has been done with disassembled straight pallets which are always easy to plan for anything!

pallet coffee table
One of the most useful advantage that you can took out of the pallets is that you can turn them into any desired shape and design that has been hovering your mind for a very long time. This coffee table is a true example of such wishful item.
Gorgeous stained pallet coffee table
Pallet wood has trimmed down into a plank piece with saw and other tools to form the table top and the thick in fiber legs for the strong support system and leveling stand on the ground.
handmade pallet coffee tabel with storage
The table top has been awarded with a inlay in the middle by dismantling some pieces out of the composition. This empty space can be used for various purposes of storage depending on the needs.
unique in design pallet coffee table
What makes the table a pure replica of antique beauty is its staining combination. As the table to has been pained in chocolaty color while the legs have covered with black shade for a very eye candid and alluring look.

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