Pallet 8 seater Dining Table – DIY

It is said that a family that eats together, always lives together. Dining table is that spot of your house where you and your family share a very good time together while enjoying tasty food. If you have a large family of eight people and looking for a dining table then you are just at the right place as DIY has a remarkable 8 seater dining table originated from the recycled pallet wood. This hand made dining table contains eight chairs with a large table in the center and with great durability.

It can perfectly fit to your dining area maximizing its rustic beauty and character. Apart from putting food on it, you can use it in various ways like playing games, doing home work or just lingering on it after having your meals. You can paint it according to the colors of your other furniture items of your dining area. Get your multifunctional dining table today with the help of DIY’s praiseworthy ideas.

Reclaimed 8 seater pallet dining table
A large dining table for a large family of eight people to accompany all of you together. This pallet dining table is full of rusticity and rural beauty to create a traditional environment in your kitchen or dining area.
up-cycled wooden dining table
This pallet dining table contains 8 comfy chairs with a big table in the center to serve you and your family at meals. This practically useful dining table is also very stylish and trendy in design embellishing your interior decor to the core.
Re-constructed pallet dinig table for 8!
Tables are most important part of our furniture. This dining table is handmade from the pallets to lighten the burden on your pocket.The table has 8 chairs to linger and a table in the center to feed on. It can be stained well to match the interior decor of your house for extra charm.

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