Lift-up Pallet Table with Wood Stain Colorless

Here you can see an extra brilliant intermingling of latest hardware and pallet wood, results into a big surprising pallet furniture that will hold dear to all of you for sure! We would like to draw you attention toward this DIY lift-top pallet coffee table, better lift-top mechanism have been bought from the hardware store and has been installed to gain the half of the table top lift-able! Here is one more big bonus, as you just lift the half of the top up, it reveals also a secret stash where private things and tools can be stored!

To clone this lift-top pallet table, build a slim long wooden box and fill half of its top as shown! The resting top will come on the lift-top hardware mechanism, you can vary the mechanisms to vary extra stretch value of lift-able top! Moreover for a industrial vibe to wooden table, metal hairpin legs have been installed that also bring a unique style to table! The tabletop can be stretched out while you need to be more convenient to operate your laptop or to read some books there in your living room!

wooden pallet liftable coffee table

Here this beautiful table with lifting top has been gained so for multiple different functions rather than just a coffee table, as you can see!

handmade wooden pallet liftable coffee table

While you are lifting the top you are actually turning this coffee table into desk which can make you read or write conveniently and can also help you to do the rest of office work easily on your laptop!

no-cost wooden pallet lift-top coffee table

Extra stretch to top is something we can call the incredible feature of this wooden pallet coffee table! This coffee table achievement inspire you with both creative recycling and amazing engineering!

Made by: Meuble en palette

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