How to Build a Coffee Table from Pallets

Pallet wood is a well known name to every one now as it has been being utilized all over the world for admiring and inspiring projects of all kind of furnishing items. And we are serving as a link between the users and the pallet wood by providing a lot of innovative and creative ideas. What is the utmost demand of people in the furniture form pallets? It’s a gorgeous coffee table, which is most and frequently built out of pallets. That is why we try to include as many coffee table ideas as we can so that you might waken up your imagination and handy skills by peeking into the ideas.

Today we have included a rustic DIY Pallet coffee table to our plan list along with a detailed tutorial, so that you can easily hack the feasible structure patterns and steps to make a quick and nice possession for your living room. Being reclaimed from the pallet wood, the quality production and extreme durability is assured with a guarantee to serve you generations if taken care well. The table flaunts a very simple and common design with a spacious table top and four sturdily raised legs, very beefy in form.

Pallet Coffee Table

Make it a rustic part of your traditionally decorated living room or display it with outdoor seating set it is sure to win the praise and acclaim in beauty and function.

Here is the list of the material and tool supplies that would be needed to build this coffee table.

  • Two pallet skids ( Where to Get Pallets for Free? )
  • Any saw, jig saw or circular saw for fast results
  • Drilling machine
  • Screw driver and screw gun
  • Hammer
  • Nails, bolts and screws
  • Wooden glue
  • And Patience
Recycled pallet skids
When ever you decide to build something out of pallet wood the first step is to find some pallet wood. You can search it in the dumps, shipping area or landfills and if you don’t find on either places then you can buy it by spending a few cents.
Up-cycled pallet slats
Cut out pallet slat or stripe pieces with any available saw to get them used for the initial construction step which is the formation of table top of this rustic coffee table.
trimmed pallet slat pieces
IF you find some imperfections in the pallet slat pieces then bring them under your saw once again make them equal in width and length to form a balanced and perfect piece of coffee table without any flaw.
Pallet arranged pieces of slats
Chop the pallet slat pieces into random lengths to form the table top with an unusual surface which would really make you stand out from the other people with its individualistic craft and art work.
Handmade coffee table top
Arrange the slat pieces into a rectangular form to built the table top for the coffee table, you can use wooden glue to stack the pieces together for a stronger and intricately interwoven pallet table top for the coffee table possession.
rustic pallet table top
Let the glue dry for a firm inter connection of the pallet slat pieces to each other, you can add some nails on the structure for more added strength and sturdiness to the table top to let you enjoy its serving for a very long time.
pallet table top with boundary
A pallet boundary has been awarded to the table top to make it safe for use and so that it does get you and the playing kids hurt with its sharp and nooky edges.
pallet coffee table
The last step is to attach or fix the pallet legs, which are sturdy and strong pallet slats a bit thick in fiber than those used in the table top can make customized changes in the size and height of coffee table according to your needs and desires if you hack the idea.

20 DIY Pallet Coffee Table Ideas

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