Gorgeous Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Every one of us like to go with the flow when it comes to fashion trends in dressing and the furniture. We try to bring you most up to date ideas in the furniture so that you can enjoy every recent in fashion item at your home. Today we are going to reveal you a contemporary styled DIY gorgeous pallet coffee table that is quite modern and modish in its shape and design. And you will get super surprised to know that this coffee table has been gained at almost no cost.

Yes its true, the table has been reclaimed from the old and thrown away pallets by making this dead wood breath into life once again. You can find this salvaged wood easily in your surrounding if not then it can be bought with an expenditure of few cents. Two pallet planks of customized size have been sawed from the raw pallet and have screwed over each other to let you enjoy a sufficiently raised coffee table. It’s staining it white and caster wheels add much to its contemporary glamorous.

Up-cycled pallet coffee table
This gorgeous pallet coffee table has been attained from the double stacking of pallet planks over each other to form a very delightful shape and design of the coffee table which would win you a lot of praise from the visitors for sure.
pallet gorgeous coffee table for living
The double stacking of the table leaves you with a lot storage space in the form storage cubbies under the table top where you can hide your books, magazines and other knick knacks for a clutter free living area to be enjoyed fully.
diy pallet coffee table
It brings more modern and contemporary attributes wit its staining in complete white wash for sophistication and industrial caster wheels for the more advanced and glam look.Display a beautiful show piece on it when not in use.

Made by: vicki.schilstra

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