DIY Outdoor Pallet Patio Table

If you are happy owner of a spacious outdoor area like garden or patio, than you would love this DIY pallet outdoor table, for the dining or lunch arrangements. This good looking table is crafted from the pallet wood, which is highly durable and will fit in your compact budget. Pallet planks have been stacked together with hardware to get this broad topped table with a sound and solid box like support system. One table is enough for a medium size family to enjoy the yummy food outside the house in the company of fresh air and natural aura around you.

But if you like to invite a bunch of friends to celebrate a party than you can make two tables of this kind and join them together to have a momentous time with your buddies. This pallet table can be complimented with any kind of chairs or even with unmatched chairs for an unusual and austere look of your patio space, to enjoy chatting, drinks and quality time together. Don’t forget to coat it with varnish and paint to bear the wear and tear of weather and to raise its functionality for decades to come.

Recycled pallet outdoor table
This outdoor table has been obtained from the pallet planks and bars to add a functional aspect to your outdoor spaces like patio or garden, with a large capacity to serve the whole family.
Repurposed pallet outdoor table
If you think one table is not sufficient for your large family size than you can double the size joining two single tables together with hardware for a memorable family time daily.
Reclaimed pallet outdoor table
This square shape table has been built in high-tend sturdiness with a solid box like support unit at the bottom for everlasting servitude. To protect from the weather wear and tear, coat it with layers of paint.

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