Dark Stained Wood Pallet Coffee Table

There are diverse different types of table we use in our home! The role of tables in a home is really appreciable and from eating to working and even for displaying the decorative stuff, we all use tables! Tables just make every living environment cozy and easy to operate and are expensive in market-bought versions at the same time! So gaining a full set of tables for home means to expend too much of your hardly earned money, right? What will you say if you get tables for free?

Yes, this is all possible if you browse some pallet coffee table ideas, one we are to share with you here! Checkout this DIY pallet coffee table, made of EURO pallet skids! Table comes with a long top and hence can also be used as a bench! There is a lower shelf level to organize variety of stuff which you are to use during the sitting session! Pallet chocks have been brought to action to give to sturdy legs to tables! Nice and budget-friendly, get your pallets now!

beefy pallet coffee table
Table has wholly been fabricated with removed pallet chocks and straight boards! A larger length has been slatted to gain a lower shelf panel at underside table!
wooden pallet coffee table
Construction has been done by recycling the EURO pallets, which are more sturdy, thick and beefy and above all they are always heat treated! All you need is to dismantle them for separate chocks and straight boards which can reinstalled to easily get this refined shape of table!
low-cost wooden pallet coffee table
Roughness of the wood has been turned into smoothness through sandpaper work that also give the splinter free touch at the same time! Then wood has been coated with dark walnut stain for a more protection and of course for a choco look!
sturdy EURO pallet coffee table
Table has all clear dimensions and looks solid and hence can live a longer life with you! If raised on wheels or given a glass top, it can catch a more enchanting look but that only depends on money you are having in your pocket!
handcrafted pallet coffee table
Table can also used at patio or anywhere outdoor sitting plans! There are more amazing DIY pallet coffee table ideas given on our site which can grab your attention for sure, check them out for a broader concept about table-building with pallets!

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