Pallet Couch

Pallet wood is a handy tool for those who its wonder value to be reused for many purposes. And with DIY pallet furniture ideas, it is getting popular day by the day. If you have some thrown away pallet around you, don’t let it get wasted just pick it up, wash and clean it to do a furnishing project with it. You can make anything out of these wooden pallets, spending some pennies, few hours of labor and an imaginative idea like this DIY pallet couch. This dazzling piece of couch has been brought to you with a visual tutorial, to make it more easy and much in your approach.

This ravishing looking couch will add a glam perspective to your modern chic living area with its awfully stunning possession. What makes it more dashing and a treat to eyes, is the selection of contrasting shades of green and maroon, along with a bunch of cushions for cozier sitting.

Recycled pallet planks for a couch
If you are intending to build this ravishing looking couch, first you have to collect a bunch of pallet planks from your near places like barns and fields or across the road.If you don’t find pallet planks, join the pallet stripes with nails then pile them up.
Reuses pallet planks cleaned and piled up
The second step would be the removal of dirt from the pale planks and then it is dealt with sanding procedure to get the clear wood color and tint to be shaped into the design of a couch.
Repurposed pallet staining of the couch
Then give a complete white wash to the couch before staining. It will avoid damages and scratches on the couch to make it stay with you in the fresh and new look for a long time to come.
Repurposed pallet couch
Choose vibrant colors to paint the couch, like green and pink has been selected in this case. To make it more comfy and stylish to the fullest put a heap of different in size but matching cushions on it.
Reclaimed pallet couch
When you are done with your couch, select a perfect place for the display of this gorgeous piece of sitting couch. It can suit and fit your living area. hall or bedroom for more sitting options.

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