Saddle Stand Made from Pallets

Horse riding is a thrilling experience, those who have enjoyed the riding know how exiting activity this is. If you are lucky enough to own a horse than you would be aware of the fact the saddle is the most compulsory item to enjoy a comfortable ride at the back of your horse. The saddle when not in use, demands much of your care and attention. For this purpose  an especial product has been introduced that is DIY pallet saddle stand, where you can hold the horse saddle with safety avoiding any damaging occurrence.

Also known as saddle stand, this rack has been stylishly designed to house and clean your saddle at regular intervals with an easy portable to any place. It has been handcrafted from the recycling of the pallet wood, which is high in durability and low in cost. The rack has been finished in this natural and soft tone to add rural and country side feel and touch. You can also paint it in versatile of colors for more ravishing look of the tack rooms, where saddles are stored

Reclaimed pallet saddle rack
The saddle rack is a new addition to pallet projects, making the range of the pallet products more wide. It has been crafted from the pallet wood for a low maintenance and high durable purposes.
Handmade pallet saddle rack
This rack is equipped with a stand for easy portable movement. When the saddle is free of use, put it on the rack and clean it well to enjoy further riding.
Recycled pallet saddle rack
This A-shaped rack looks rustic and natural in appearance to perfectly suit your modish decor. You can stain it in many colors to for a more stunning and trendy look.

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