Reclaimed Twin Wood Pallet Wardrobe

Usually the husbands get a very little space to keep their clothes and other things, when they share their wardrobe with their wives as the wives have a huge collection of dresses and shoes which leads to small fights sometimes. So it would be better to have a separate wardrobe for the each. DIY brings you a purely innovative idea of two double wardrobe jolted together. These DIY ‘twin’ wardrobes have been build from pallet wood , which has under gone a recycle process to be converted into this charming pair of pallet wardrobe one for you and other for your partner.

The wardrobes have enormous space to digest your accessories in an apple pie order with two big cabinets in the front and one at the base. They have been complimented with two metal handles for convenient approach. It has been sanded well for a soft and smoother touch. So hurry in making your own wardrobe today, to add a rural theme and beauty to your room in a traditional way.

reclaimed palle twin wardrobe
This ‘twin’ closet is a commendable product of pallet recycling, giving you and your partner equal space for the storage of your necessary items. it also serves the purpose of embellishing and ornamenting of your bedroom.
upgraded twin pallet wardrobe
This pallet wardrobe is a very useful output of pallets. Each wardrobe has two big cabinets with doors and a drawer at the base providing you enormous space for storage. You can paint it to ovoid the splinters to get a smooth and soft surface.

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