Pallet Wardrobe with Drawers

Apart from bed and some seating items there is one more item that is included in the bedroom basics. And that is a Wardrobe, used to store the most essential items like clothes, shoes, jewelry books and some other utilities as well. For their extreme importance in our life we are sharing with you this DIY pallet wardrobe with drawers that would be an immense help for you to organize your clothes in the left section and other accessories like watches, jewelry, keys, belts, purse etc in the right drawer layer to make your bedroom look clutter and mess free.

As this pallet wardrobe is gained from the recycled pallets, it would cost you zero thus you can copy the idea for your kid’s bedroom also. With this wardrobe they can and can find their socks and ties at right time without getting late from the school or college. Staining with the matching colors would make the wardrobe an invincible part of your entire bedroom furniture.

pallet wardrobe with drawers
Pallets offer you to use them as the way you want it just grab some free pallets from your surrounding and then make whatever furniture you want to make like this wardrobe piece.
Wooden pallet wardrobe with drawers
This wardrobe would prove to be a very functional addition to your house as it has a side hanging section for the clothes a big layer of the drawers at other side to hold a lot of your other accessories.
Repurposed pallet wardrobe with drawers
The whole wardrobe has been yielded from the pallet pieces like slats and planks which have been separated from the pallets and used accordingly for each section of the wardrobe.
diy pallet wardrobe with drawers
This cute looking wardrobe would make a very functional as well as gorgeous display in your bedroom with its rustic and unfinished look which can changed per your decor according with matching hues.

made by: Joe Palette & Co

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