Pallet Toy Box – Storage Chest

Kids are just crazy for the toys. Every child has a huge collection of toys to play with and their toys are seen in the every corner of house from bathroom to bedroom and from lounge to outer space. Their scattered toys may give your house a clatter look so to avoid it we have a very simple solution. That is pallet toy box, made from recycled pallet wood lying useless around you. You can also build it from the reclaimed pallet furniture items of your home giving them a second chance.

This DIY pallet toy box or pallet chest for storage is designed so thoughtfully that it can easily fit to the playroom of your kid. It has enormous space inside to keep all the toys at one place in order and giving your house a neat and fresh look. It has two curved metal handles at both sides to pick it up. After completing it ask your children to paint it with their favorite color to let him spend some time of fun with you.

Recycle pallet toy box
The beautification of children’s room requires many things and toy box is one of them. This pallet toy box will easily fit or suit the decor of your little ones room with its simple design and texture.
Rebuilt toy box for kids
This stylish looking toy box has been easily made out of pallet boards with a great storage space to collect all the toys after playing.The box is very refined in shape and sleek in design to increase your kid’s fun activities.
Repurposed pallet toy box for kids
No matter how many toys your kid has,this spacious toy box can digest them very well having a great storage capacity. You can paint it in the favorite color of your kid’s choice for more interesting look and to remove the splinters as well.

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