Rustic Planters made out of Reclaimed Pallets

Pallet wood is so much easy to be handled and treated with tools that you can create almost every item from it that comes to the pans of your imagination. Either you want some furnishing shapes, or you want to cherish some artistic creations all is possible to attain with pallets. Our aesthetic sense always demands something natural and soothing to be witnessed all around us, and plants can do that very well.

Satisfy your aesthetic and artistic sense at the same time by building these DIY pallet planters, to rejoice the natural beauty indoor and outdoor with some stylish and durable holding. These planters have been achieved in two distinctive shapes, one is pallet vertical planter and the second is planter box with a lengthy planter shelf. These whimsy planters can create you a green and refreshing aura indoor if you don’t owe a garden. Those who have garden areas can jazz up the beauty and decor level by welcoming these planters there.

pallet vertical planter
Pallet planters are a very cheap and delightful solution for those who can have a garden in their house due to the short space problems. With this vertical planter they can grow their favorite plants and herbs and enjoy an aesthetic and natural ambiance around.
diy pallet planter stand
This is a planter stand equally functional for the indoor and outdoor use.It has a very large planter shelf to hold your flowers and plant many in number. It would make a very visual pleasing look in the garden enhancing the decor level.

Made by: Mindy Lowery

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