DIY Pallet Planter or Pot Holder

Collect even the remains of pallets to do play amazing DIY tricks with them for surprising pallet projects out of them! Here using some pallet slats and leftovers, lying useless in home, this DIY wood pallet planter shelf or pot holder has been designed that has a stylish wooden shape like a cubby! Just like a wooden shelf, it can hang well on any wall area for a instant natural vibe there and will be glam addition also to garden wall as fantastic decor there!

Here 3 longer and thicker single pallet slats have been cut to sizes and have been put together for a slim long wooden cubby, to style up the design more custom round sides have been installed that also turn it into a complete wooden holding! After building all the sides well this pallet planter can be taken to hang on a decided wall area, go with the latest hardware to make sure that it will be stay last on the wall!

recycled pallet slim planter shelf or cubby

Here a little slim holding has been installed using leftover pallet planks and here it has been decided to hold the pots inside so would hang on any wall as a planter shelf!

wooden pallet slim wall hanging cubby or planter shelf

Now here will be 2 options, you can fill the potting soil in this wooden cubby and can start direct potting in this wooden cubby or can make it hold the vases or pots!

no-cost wooden pallet pot holder or planter shelf

You can even paint this slim planter cubby for precious colorful visual, finally you can use the select the latest hardware to make it hang on a custom wall area!

Made by: Les créations bois palettes de Phil

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