Pallet Chair and Double-Chair Bench

To enjoy the outdoor demands for a convenient sitting position that allows you to make a direct eye-contact to the surrounding mountain peaks, sky touching garden trees, to naturally occurring scenes and overall greenery of the garden! That’s why the outdoor furniture is made with special added features! For patio sitting, daydreaming and book reading purposes, this pallet outdoor furniture set would really be a clever choice to make! Set comes with a chair having raised backrest and low berth section and a double-chair bench which has been made by combining 2 of remade chairs through a wooden length!

The combined wooden support just eliminates the need of side table and user gets all at one place for a rocking sitting experience! This entire enjoyable stuff has been constructed using pallets which require no skills to work with and even a beginner can easily handle the construction work! Do grab this very rare set of pallet-made outdoor furniture to be the first out of the gate!

dismantled pallet boards
While doing this project you need to carry with a good stock of pallets! To start up the construction, dismantle a few boards first to plan different parts and components of the chair and bench which have been targeted for patio organization!
sturdy pallet outdoor chair
Use some pre-fabricated pallet boards made from a set of 4 removed slats, to install the berth section and use removed pallet blocks and dice section to create the in-between spacing to reach that certain height level! After getting a a berth with desired height level just fix the royal backrest made of 3 individual pallet slats and enjoy a chair with a kingly touch!
wooden pallet double chair patio bench
Once you achieve one chair, just clone for a double-chair bench construction! Just combine the chair with an additional pallet-made bridge and gain the targeted bench! The mid-side bridge will also offer a side table setup to hold your beverage mugs, mobile phones, newspaper and other conveniences!

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