Custom Pallet Bar for Outdoor Patio

Sometime the outdoor fun is to start at some narrower or short space locations like in the gazebo, at front porch area or at a mini deck space, to gain a drink station for all such a short space party locations, pallet offers here this special DIY wood pallet bar, has been built so to fit to any narrower outdoor area even to a balcony or small terrace space! A complete pallet skid has been made stand vertically as lasting base of this bar while three individual pallet straight lengths have been hired here for an extra smooth and robust counter top, real smoothness and softness comes when you just sand the wooden surfaces!

If your vertical pallet board is not thick enough to make it stand individually then you can install some flat wooden supports or feet to bottom side quite easily and also the rolling wheels to them for quick dragging and pushing of it! Define the wooden allure more using clear satin coats or just go with paint to create a personal modern appearance of it!

custom pallet outdoor patio bar

This is surely going to be a 1 or 2 pallet project, already altered shapes of pallets are here to build the better base of this slim wooden bar!

diy pallet patio bar

For installation of counter top which is always suggested to be extra smooth and sleek as well, it will be recommended to use the fine wooden lengths as you can see, one can also use the plywood sheet or concrete tiles instead!

wooden pallet bar

There can be so many options to personalize the final look of the bar, you can do so by using paint, custom name letters and also by using custom logos and sign accents!

Made by: ALB Wood Designs

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