Pallet Coffee Mug Holder

Coffee is a tasty energizer in the morning to boost our stamina and making us prepared for the tiresome and working day. That’s why a morning is considered incomplete with out the sips of coffee and has become an integral part of our breakfast. So are the coffee mugs and coffee cups necessary to make our morning complete and refreshing. There should be a proper placing of these cups in the kitchen for a quick and easy approach.

Keeping in mind this need at your, DIY furniture has created this unique and impressive looking pallet coffee mug holder to serve you hot coffee at your regular moments. It has taken pallet bars, glue and twisted spoons to get this masterpiece in your kitchen at a low cost budget. The pallet mug holder has been stick to the wall with glue, and some spoons have been given a curved bent to be customized as cup hangers, at the end the holder is stained dark for more sumptuous look, and you can vary the color per your choice.

Reclaimed pallet coffee mug holder
This incredibly designed pallet coffee holder has been stained in dark tones for extra ravishing look of kitchen or dining area. The title ‘hot coffee’ is scripted on the holder to be get noticed from a distance.
Repurposed pallet coffee holder
This holder has been equipped with twisted spoons to hang cups and mugs at no cost. The spoons have been fixed with bolts in the holder for solid grip to last as long as possible.
Recycled pallet coffee holder
The pallet has been turned into this stunning mold of coffee holder of six cups to make you enjoy long sips of hot coffee at the very time you need.IT has been glued to the wall for a strong fixation.

Vintage Pallet Coffee Table for Living Room

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