12 More Creative Ideas to Use Pallets

Pallets have been in use for a couple of years and with the passage of time it has achieved a very high name and fame in the furniture industry. With every passing day there has been improvement in style, design and shape of every pallet wood projects. The result is we now get to see super fashionable, gorgeous and trendy pallet projects and that too without splurging much of your money. So you have a big opportunity now to avail the pallets and furnish your house with the tempting items that you have ever longed for.

The icing on the cake is that the spectrum of pallet productivity is damn wide so you can build anything for any section of the house. And luckily we have these 12 more creative ideas to use pallets letting you enjoy a functional and beauty piece for almost every home section. Ladder shelves, night stands, headboard piece, TV stand, coffee mug holder and bookshelf ideas have been share right below so do have a look on them to make them a part of your home dwellings too. All the items have been whitewashed to look really modern and dazzling so it would better if you also end your items in white too.

Pallet Ladder Shelf

This utterly stylish and fun looking ladder shelf would add functional and beauty value to any room of the house be it living, lounge, bedroom or even the hall area by holding your planting pots, vases, artifacts, books, or any utility items that needs to be housed.Two long slats and four tray like shelves have been installed to shape up this feasible ladder shelf.

pallet ladder shelf

diy pallet ladder shelf

Wooden pallet ladder shelf

Multipurpose Pallet Bookshelf / Bookcase / Magazine Rack:

gorgeous pallet mobile bookshelf

You must have seen many types of  bookshelves but this one totally a new addition for being extremely stylish, creative and innovative and would adorn any space an instant decorative look along with holding loads of books on it.

stylish pallet bookshelf

This amazing bookshelf has a table like base and a hut like A shape upper section all build from the pallet slat and plank pieces and have been set on wheels so that you can make move it to any desired part of the house when needed.

Coffee Table:

Gorgeous pallet coffee table

This elegant pallet coffee table is one of the most feasible items to build from pallets as only the long custom cut pallet slats have been stacked on each other to install this double shelved coffee table on wheels for a little industrial touch.

simple and sleek pallet tv stand

If you need a simple and easy to build TV stand then this is the best option to go for as it only demands the pallet slat stacking to get it installed and then white wash  for that shabby chic look to be added in your living or lounge room.

Handmade pallet headboard

Without headboards the beds look really boring and dull so get some pallets and cut long slats to shape up this pallet headboard for your bed that would accomplish your bed look and jazz up your bedroom decor.

Cute and simple pallet bight stands

Here the pallet cut slats and dice sections both have been used in layers to install this highly functional pair of night stands for your bed having large space in the shape of shelves to hold your utilities and accessories.

pallet made shelf tower

This four tiered shelf unit would be a very functional addition to your home as it would be able to hold a bunch of stuff on it and thus giving your home a very tidy and neat look and that too with a touch of modern style.

Wooden pallet porch sofa

The porch area of the house is the best place to enjoy the rain when you don’t want to get wet and so make it functional with this stylish pallet made seating items comprising of the pallet sofa and the chairs all made from the pallet double face skid stacking on each other.

small pallet coffee mug holder

Make your adorable coffee mugs and cups safe from breaking by getting them a housing spot in this pallet made coffee mug holder  coming with shelves and hooks and thus acting double functional.

Made by: Kingdom Pallet Creations

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