DIY Pallet Tree With Tea Lights

There is no fun in cutting a tree from fields and decorate it with bulbs at coming events. Do something more unique and exiting with the pallet trees this time to like This DIY pallet wood tree, a handmade project, a fun activity to enjoy your holidays with your children. The tree has been crafted from the pallet wood with a cautious thought to save the greenery on earth by contributing with our little efforts of not cutting the trees for this coming event. Grab some pallet planks, dismantle them and then wash them to start this creative plan for the most awaited festive of the year.

Dismantled pallets have been cut in the shape of broad enough shelves of gradually getting small in size to form a triangle tree shape. These pallet furniture have been stacked across a stand with a little gap between. After sanding it down smooth, it has been employed with tea lights at both edgy sides of the shelves for its whimsical presence in indoor or outdoor to lighten up your event. This rustic tree would make your coming more special if embellished with more ornamental items like buntings and ribbons.

Repurposed pallet Christmas tree with tea lights
This beautiful pallet project is gift to our viewers this coming. its beautiful appearance would compel you to implement this gorgeous plan for the ultimate decoration of the living area or hallway or garden.
Recycled pallet Christmas tree with tea lights
Pallet shelves have made trimmed separately into gradually getting bigger size to upwards, around a standing rod. The ending sides of the each shelves are equipped with tea lights for a gorgeous light up at night.
Reclaimed pallet Christmas tree with tea lights
This triangle in shape tree, would add four moons to your home decor, with a boastful standing in any part of the house like living area, hall area or garden.
Reshaped pallet Christmas tree with tea lights
sand the items included to accomplish the tree for a smoother feel you can stain it in green and brown shades to make it look actually like a tree otherwise it looks quite rustic in this avatar.

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