DIY Pallet Little Pair of Trees

Looking for some whimsical festive signs or decors? Do you really like the wood medium for interior wall decors? If yes, then why not avail the pallets and their feasible dimensions to get some marvelous art and festive wall pieces! To give an annual festive theme to your interior walls, this DIY pallet little tree would really be an awesome choice, given some saw-tooth edges and has been built wholly with rustic pallet pieces separated thought a process and has been packed flat but with a continuous increase in size while going downward!

However, if you want to magnify an interior corner of your room, then you can just make it stand there easily as this pair of decorative wooden tree comes with bottoms supports inspired of a pinwheel shape! These trees can also be used as garden decors and addition of some LED lights along the edges will serve as an ice on the cake!

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wooden pallet trees
removed pallet slats with a continuous increase in size, have been flat packed to give this heavenly faux wooden tree that can be made stand anywhere for brilliant decorative statements and can even be hired as magnetizing garden accents! Use of paint and lights can create a divine look of these tree shapes if you like to do so!
handmade wooden pallet tree
Just like the paper pinwheel, the base of each tree has been prepared to provide a stable standing! The sides comes with saw-tooth edges that bring a noteworthy style and pattern to both these tree designs! This pair of faux wooden trees would be awesome candidate for both garden and festival decorous plans!

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