DIY Pallet Planter Boxes

Gardening is the most pleasing hobby for someone or a craving passion to the other. Whatever is the aim or purpose behind it, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to have a lavish garden area at outside of your house. But sometimes the soil is too hard to cultivate your favorite plants and herbs, the solution to this problem is these versatile DIY pallet planter boxes, available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These planter boxes are stunning piece to grow the herbs or vegetable plants with ease, without causing any pain to you back.

All you require is the thrown away pallets and some engineering tools to get these boxes ready for your garden or patio. Put some soft and suitable soil in the boxes and cultivate your desired seeds in a plenty. You can drill some holes in the planters for proper drainage of the water. Another advantage of these wooden planter boxes would be the safety of the plants from the insects and pests attacks. Moreover the boxes will add a rustic charm and character to your vintage planting area with a visual boost to the eyes.

Recycled pallet planter box
With this wooden planter boxes, you can add a an interesting and innovative look to your garden along with the functionality. These boxes will hold the plants and herbs that can not be grown on the unsuitable soil.
Repurposeed pallet planter boxes
These planter boxes are cut out of reclaimed pallet wood around you. They can be customized in any desired shape either rectangular, square or circle to house your favorite flowers and vegetable plants.
Reclaimed pallet planter boxes
These diy wood pallet planter boxes saves your plants and flowers from the insects and pests. The varnishing and staining of the boxes will make them weather resistant to last long.

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