Recycled Pallet Kitchen Counter

A kitchen counter is the most important furnishing item for your cooking area as it helps to cope with a lot of kitchen tasks for your convenience. Food preparing, eating, storage and a lot more kitchen chores can be managed on a kitchen counter. And a good looking counter can enhance the decor of the cooking zone. And with pallets you can achieve a kitchen counter of your own with your desired shape, design and features. And to get your creativity inspired we have with us this DIY pallet kitchen counter that boasts a very ravishing style in its structure patterns and appearance.

It comes with a spacious counter top, under built cabinets and side shelves for you to enjoy maximum storage space to display, hide and organize your kitchen accessories. Standing in the center of your kitchen it would create a very rustic look with its woody color and aging marks on the whole surface. You can coat it with some striking shades to mould it into a modern decor piece.

diy pallet kitchen counter
IF a kitchen does not have a counter in it is undone with its furnishing and the beauty as we.. so for free yet very stylish and sturdy kitchen counter possession find some pallets in your surrounding and hack this incredibly functional and beautiful idea.
Wooden pallet kitchen counter
The counter has been bestowed with a lot of drawers and cabinets under the counter top which would really help you a lot to organize and house a lot kitchen accessories and apparatus in them. The drawers and the cabinets have been endowed with wooden knobs for easy pull out.
pallet kitchen counter
The counter would make a very rustic and country side presence in the center of your kitchen as it has been kept unfinished revealing all the natural wood color, texture and marks on its surface bu you can paint it if you want to make it look modernized.

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