Recycled Pallet Garden / Pot Rack

A garden at the outside of your house is no less than a bestowed gift of God as it provides the natural atmosphere to breath in the fresh and clean air with a an eye pleasing visuals of flower and plants to satisfy our aesthetic sense. But to maintain and take care of the garden is a very tough task to perform as it in involves regular watering, fertilizing, beading and sowing. So this upcycled wood pallet garden project will lend you a helping hand in this hardworking process. It includes two planters and one storage table, all built from the reclaimed pallet wood.

The planters occupy two shelves to house your flower trays and pots in an organized way, along with the rustic flair and accent. The table will be responsible to make you garden area highly functional as it can hold, watering cans, fertilizers, all gardening tools and equipment like shovels, saws, sickles and trawlers etc for an easy approach. To make them more stunning you can stain them in different shades and hues and also to make them safer from the weather extremes.

Recycled pallet planter
Pallet boards and planks has been cut in customized shape to get this curved planter for your garden. It has two triangular shelves to carry the plant pots with style and trendy attitude.
Repurposed pallet planter
This straight pallet planter stand is the lay out of the pallet wood’s reclaiming. Pallet planks has been stacked together with hardware to get this lovely planter. It has two horizontal shelves for the display of planting trays.
Reclaimed pallet garden storage table
This table takes the functionality of your garden at a much higher level as you can use it house all the gardening material like watering cans, fertilizers and all the handy tools in an organized way for easy approach.

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