Wooden Pallet Adirondack Chair with Footrest

We are on the mission to promote a better outdoor life by going handmade with pallets. We would like you to give a chance to free pallets while organizing your outdoor; they are fab for outdoor landscaping and also for outdoor furniture building. For people who love to sit in peaceful green surroundings, this DIY pallet Adirondack chair with footrest would be mind-blowing to gain a stylish and comfortable sitting position.

Very first supply to clone this sitting set would be straight wooden lengths which can be got in bundles just by ripping down a few of pallets. The most challenging part of the construction would be the gain the round edges of both footrest and chair design, the specialty of Adirondack style furniture. We guarantee you that you will be able to duplicate this sitting set neatly if you go with precise cuttings and also with a neat filling of pallet slats.

reclaimed pallet Adirondack chair with footrest

Willing to make a deep eye-contacting with the surrounding greenery and nature? Then this Adirondack chair with footrest will be a mind-blowing choice to gain well suiting sitting position.

handmade pallet Adirondack chair with footrest
Building tilted berth of the chair and sloped footrest are the two most fantastic part of the construction. Right kind of wooden tools and apparatus will allow you to cut the wood in perfect round shape.

recycled pallet Adirondack chair with footrest

Finally, the light walnut stain coats have been applied for weatherproofing and also for a distinctive tone of the wood. You can choose any from dozens of stain shades.

Made by EcoDesign by Sé Verde

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